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Imagine Images

Imagine Images [Video] was a web development project for school. Utilizing Amazon Web Services, I allow for users to upload pictures and view other images uploaded. The backend is entirely in PHP and the frontend is a responsive design using Materialize CSS and Ajax. Machine learning is used to select categories the image may fall into. You can see the code here.


TrackConnect is a way for Collegiate Track and Field athletes to compare their current marks to the average mark that qualified for the national meet. This app is designed to give coaches and athletes a new way to use data to their competiative advantage. You can see the code here.

Monsters, Magic, and Modifiers: The Game

M3 was a group project made for Data Structures class. We took concepts from Hearthstone, The Pokemon Trading Card Game, Magic the Gathering, and the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game. You can see the code here.


PukaPuka is an iOS application that searches for songs by an Artist and displays the lyrics of the chosen song with corresponding guitar chords. The lyrics will automatically scroll when the correct chord is played. Won 3rd place at HackMerced. You can see the code here.